Potential CPRR Quiet Zone

Federal rules allow cities to establish a "quiet zone" where trains would not routinely sound their horns at a crossing. To qualify as a quiet zone, the crossing must meet certain criteria and federal approval is required. The City of Crystal is exploring the potential for a quiet zone at the Douglas Dr. and West Broadway crossings of the Canadian Pacific Railroad. A Quiet Zone Assessment has been completed and it appears that such a zone would be technically feasible at these crossings.

The main element of the potential quiet zone would be the installation of medians in Douglas Dr. and West Broadway. The layout would be similar to the recently-completed Winnetka Ave. quiet zone in New Hope. For the Crystal crossings, access and turning movements would remain the same as they are today except that the left turn from eastbound 51st Place to northbound West Broadway would be prohibited.

At this time, the city is submitting a Notice of Intent (NOI) to the Federal Railroad Administration. The NOI starts a formal 60-day comment period for the railroad and various government agencies. The NOI is a required step that the city must take before deciding whether to submit a Quiet Zone Application to the Federal Railroad Administration. After the 60-day comment period, the Crystal City Council will review the comments and decide whether to submit a Quiet Zone Application.

For more information, please see:
Letter to residents and businesses near the crossings (4/5/2016)
Quiet Zone Notice of Intent (4/4/2016)
Quiet Zone Assessment (3/22/2016)

The city staff contact is Community Development Director John Sutter at (763) 531-1130.