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Purchasing Property

Once a closing date has been established, call utility billing at 763-531-1120 to schedule a final reading of your water meter. Also, set up your garbage service and your other utilities (utilities list).

File for homestead classification after you occupy the property. You must own and occupy by Dec. 1 and file by Dec. 15 to receive homestead classification for the following year. Ways to file include:

  • Apply online at This is Hennepin County's preferred method as most staff are currently working remotely.
  • Fill in and print the online Homestead Application Form here.
  • Mail the completed Homestead Application Form along with a copy of your deed and the Electronic Certificate of Real Estate Value (eCRV) number to: 
             Hennepin County Assessor's Office
              Attn: Crystal Homestead
              A-2103 Government Center
              300 South 6th St.
              Minneapolis, MN  55487
  • Come to Crystal City Hall during business hours for a Homestead Application form. You will need to mail your completed form along with a copy of your deed and the eCRV number.

All occupying owners and their spouses (if applicable) should be listed on the same form. Both MUST sign the homestead application (whether or not they are legal owners of the property), either by signing electronically or by signing the paper application. Occupying owners who are not related must fill out separate forms.

Selling Property
  • Cancel your utilities (gas, telephone, garbage, electricity, cable) by contacting each company that provides service to you (utilities list).
  • Notify Jackie Mathis at the Hennepin County Assessors office at 612-348-8838, or that  you are moving.

Understanding Property Taxes

Estimating Market Value

How to Appeal Your Value and Classification

Homestead Classification

Disabled Veterans Homestead Property Tax Exclusion

Special Homestead for Property Owners who are Blind or Disabled

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