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Police Station Rendering

Police Building RenderingThe City of Crystal is constructing a new Crystal Police Department building on the current city hall municipal campus at 4141 Douglas Dr. N. The site was chosen for its cost savings and a desire to keep administrative and police functions centrally located in the community. 

The project includes a 23,800 sq. ft. police building northwest of the existing city hall, east of the Rockford Road library access road to 42nd Ave.

The project will cost $16 million, including construction, fixtures and design fees. It will be paid for using $12 million in cash from the city’s building fund and various other capital funds, together with $4 million from the recently-passed state bonding bill.

The design phase and bidding were complete by the end of 2020. Construction started in the spring of 2021. Occupancy is anticipated in early summer of 2022.


The new police building will feature efficient, safe work spaces, including a secure, centralized evidence storage area; secure indoor fleet storage; a dedicated space for K9 officer(s); and an up-to-date detention space and expanded locker room space and capacity. Much of the current police department will be demolished, but some will remain to be repurposed as an additional community meeting room for city hall.

Numerous energy efficiencies are included in the building's design.

As part of the project in cooperation with Hennepin County, the library access road to 42nd Ave. will be reconstructed with a wider curb cut and right-turn lane, an existing city hall curb cut on 42nd will be removed, and the internal access drive will be relocated with a pedestrian connection between the library and city hall.

The current city hall, which includes the police department and city administration, was built in 1965, and underwent a remodel in 1993. The police department portion has significant structural issues, including fleet, equipment and space inefficiencies. Technology upgrades have been postponed, equipment storage and locker room space are inadequate; and gun storage and the armory falls short of modern security standards. Also, the garage has structural issues and police vehicles are stored outside. A recent state audit recommends upgrades to the jail, while interview rooms lack soundproofing and the detention area needs security improvements. 

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