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Zoning Code
Crystal has several residential, commercial and industrial zoning districts which are intended to ensure that adjacent land uses are as compatible with each other as possible. The Zoning Code contains the land use regulations for each zoning district.

Zoning Map

If you would like written information about the zoning of a specific property, please contact Dan Olson, 763-531-1142, or mail a request at City Hall, 4141 Douglas Dr. N., Crystal, MN 55422.


Development Review Application Form
Planning Commission Deadline and Meeting Dates
Escrow Form

 Development Review Checklists for Each Application Types
 Review Type
 Review Procedure  Development Review Checklist
Type 1 Review Staff review only  - Adjacent Parcel Lot Conveyance
 - Zoning Certificate
Type 2 Review Planning Commission recommendation followed by City Council decision.  - Administrative appeal
Comprehensive Plan amendment
- Conditional Use Permit
- Rezoning to planned development
- Site plan
- Subdivision
- Variance
- Zoning map or text amendment
Type 3 Review  City Council decision - Lot consolidation
- Vacation of public street or easement

The Planning Commission
The Planning Commission makes recommendations on Type 2 Development Review applications. Further information about the commission is here.

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